Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Welcome to my cooking blog! I am anxious to start this journal and record some of the recipes that I've been trying. First, a little bit about myself...

I know this will turn some people off from me, but the first way I'd describe myself is a picky eater. There. I said it. I am starting a cooking blog and am admitting to being a picky eater. What was I thinking?! Well, the truth is I love to cook, even if I'm not super adventurous. A typical cooking endeavor for me might be "Can I find the perfect cheese lasagna recipe?" Or maybe "How do I make the world's best pizza crust?" (I have yet to find it, that will be one goal of this blog!) I'm not necessarily about adventures, although I am expanding my flavor preferences every week, but simply about finding delicious food that everyone can enjoy.


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